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 Baseball Mixes 

We have pioneered the baseball music that you hear at your Sons and Daughters baseball games and tournaments! I first started creating baseball mixes for my Sons travel team in 2007, and it took off!

I personally have been in the music business for most of my life. My Son was recruited to an amazing travel baseball team here in Florida. There was a Mom who had a "boom box", and she played a bunch of songs that the team loved.

At this point, I already had an established music Company that was focused on Cheerleading Music Mixes, which is Custom Cheer Mix. So I ventured out.... I spoke with the Head Coach, and ultimately created the team masterpiece. The music mix (remix) was consisted of all of the players names and their theme, which was "Thunder". Not just that, but each baseball player was able to pick their own music (and of course their number and name was said) as they walked to the plate.

I have personally seen what this does to players, and that is simply just building their confidence (just like the Major Leagues)!

And of course, the word spread! Everyone was asking where they got their music, walk ups and how it was done!! So the orders began coming in like crazy!

We now offer our music mixing service publicly to everyone (not just word of mouth)!

It's time to let to let your team shine!

Baseball Packages

  • Sports Mixes can create "walk ups" for your baseball team. What are walk ups? These are short clips of your baseball players favorite song along with their name and number! This can provide a huge confidence builder in the player, especially when their name and number is called during the play of their favorite song!! They will feel like a major league player walking up to the plate!!
  • Baseball Team Mixes! These mixes are generally played during any team warm ups that your team may have before a game (or in between innings)! These mixes can be any where from 1 - 3 songs up to 5 minutes long. Most teams prefer one song in which is their "team song". That song is then completely remixed with every single players name included in the mix! If you would like more than one song, that is possible as well! We allow you up to 3 songs in one mix. Once they hear their names in the mix, it is an immediate confidence booster!
  • If no one is playing music and mixes with a boombox in your area during baseball games, IT IS TIME TO BE THE FIRST! Custom Cheer Mix is based in Tampa Florida! Believe when I say that music is the inspiration to any and all teams! It's been a blessing to hear the mixes created here and see the faces light up from the the young baseball players! Does it work? Yes it does! It gives the kids a feeling of being an important part of any team! AND IT WORKS!